In 1994 when we fled into Muslim Guinea we were roughly received by our Guinean Muslim hosts by throwing stones and objects at us from the Liberian/Guinean border. The Guinean soldiers were beating and forcibly taking people’s properties such as radios, Tape recorders etc. After UNHCR came to our aid at the border, we were registered and allowed to go away from the border to find places to spend the night. Our hosts refused to give us places to sleep overnight and it was raining. I became very bitter with the whole situation. It was at this time that the Lord Spoke to my heart to start a church. I resisted at first but finally I agreed and started the first church in Diecke Town, Republic of Guinea.

After two weeks I placed one on my Pastors, Pastor John Bayogai, over the church and went on to N’Zerekore City where my Wife and children had gone ahead of me. As I arrived my wife told me she has been having the impression the God wanted us to start another church in that city. We started the church in Telipulu, N’Zerekore. Today we have seven (7) churches and fellowships in Muslim Guinea with four (4) self help church buildings constructed  in the cities of N’Zerekore, Conakry, Guickedou, Gbilley and Conakry respectively.